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  1. But first, Let me take a “Selfie”

    Now that I’ve put that song in your head (#YoureWelcome), let’s talk about Instagram. With 70 million people logging in daily to post approximately 60 million photos the platform is clearly thriving, but what can it do for you? According to Forbes, a whole heck of a lot! On average research shows brands post 1.5 times daily. Some that advertise, or “promote” their images, have seen an over 30% increase in followers and a corresponding increase in engagement on non-paid posts. Perhaps even more interesting, there was no correlation indicating that increasing the frequency of postings decreases engagement. The more the merrier!

  1. “Social Media Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten”

    Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics. This graphic is a great reminder to play nice, be yourself, pay attention, ask for help, and have fun. Oh, and don’t eat the paste.

  1. DYK? The Average Lifecycle of a Tweet is 18 minutes

    I’m often asked about how frequent a given user should be posting. The answer is, it truly depends on what you aim to accomplish and more importantly, what is it that you have to say? The content we distribute and channels we maintain should always provide added value to our audience, bottom line. Never just occupy a platform to say that you are there. 91% of consumers search Facebook for brands and 50% of users trust what their friends say about you, more than what you say about yourself. For an in-depth look at posting strategy across platforms check out this article in Fast Company.

  1. Social Media Day

    Mashable’s 5th annual Social Media Day returns Monday, June 30th. The global “holiday” was created in 2010 to acknowledge the impact social technologies were making on our lives. In 2012, Michigan became the 3rd state in the nation to recognize Social Media Day through an official proclamation by Governor Snyder, a self proclaimed nerd and active social media user. To participate in this years festivities follow hashtag #smday, or visit the Mashable Meetups page to share your plans for celebrating.

  1. Oh Snap!

    Turns out there is no “Vegas Rule” when it comes to Snapchat. Yesterday the platform agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that state messages sent via the app don’t disappear as easily as originally promised.