festifall 2   Student organizations are the perfect way to explore your interests and passions, make friends, build your resume, and make campus feel smaller. Especially if you’re new to campus, you probably want to find several organizations to get involved in. Festifall and Go North! Fest allow you to quickly browse many student organizations concentrated on campus in one exciting event. These events are very helpful when exploring new groups to be a part of but they can also be very overwhelming. Here are some tips to make the most of this opportunity:


1. Visit Maize Pages ahead of time

  • Maize Pages is a useful tool where all 1,530 student organizations on campus can be found. Maize Pages organizes groups into different categories and also has a search tool. As you browse, jot down the groups that you are interested in.
  • http://maizepages.umich.edu/Organizations

2. Use the map

  • Festifall can be confusing and the diag becomes unrecognizable. Make sure to pick up a map in the middle of the diag, right by the block M!

3. Keep an open mind

  • Explore your interests! Not every group is going to be the right one for you, but it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation. Everyone at Festifall and Go North! Fest are passionate about their group and are happy to talk about what makes their organization worthwhile.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a flyer

  • Taking a flyer from a student organization isn’t a promise to join. If you feel serious about a group, put your name down on their email list, but if you’re unsure (which you might be for a lot of groups) take a flyer and think about it.

5. Ask lots of questions

  • Showing interest goes a long way. Make sure to introduce yourself and ask relevant questions to make a lasting impression.

6. Don’t be afraid to politely say no thank you to a group you are not interested in

  • Chances are there will be plenty of groups you actually are interested in and you’ll want to focus most of your energy on these.

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