Throughout my time as a @umichstudents tweeter I was given the opportunity to interact with and engage 7,460 followers. At first, I was nervous to post content that would reach so many people, but I knew I could use this experience to assist in my journey of becoming a true #SocialMedia pro. Hoping to increase daily engagement I was eager to begin my adventure.

With the #WorldCup beginning the same week that I would be tweeting I knew it would be a large source of content and engagement. I tested this theory by tweeting the new #GameBeforeTheGame @Beatsbydre commercial, but did not receive much feedback – only one retweet and one favorite. Surprising right?! Maybe it was the fact that it was a video or maybe it was the actual content that was the source of the low interaction. Either way, I took this lack of engagement from my audience as a signal to strategically tweet different content. In a sense, I began to use Twitter as a small focus group. I posted different content for the first few days (including crowdsourced material) and found any tweets relating to @umich or Ann Arbor to be the most popular. Now I know this makes sense since these are the two things most followers of @umichstudents have in common, but I thought it would be interesting to try to switch things up a bit. I guess this shows that no matter where a wolverine resides their heart is always in Ann Arbor.

Overall, my week tweeting was a success! Even the notorious Violin Monster agrees since he retweeted and favorited one of my tweets. It did happen to be a picture of him, but regardless any Umich student would agree that it is an honor.


Here are some key metrics from @rachel_collette ‘s @umichstudents experience:

  • 187 favorites
  • 116 new followers
  • 37 mentions
  • 62% of the users engaged were new contacts



Ultimately, I had a great time tweeting for @umichstudents. I think it is something that every student should experience before they graduate. It is extremely rewarding to have the chance to interact with so many dedicated and enthusiastic followers. I am excited that I can now check “tweeting for @umichstudents” off my bucketlist of things to do before I graduate. #ForeverGoBlue

This post was contributed by Rachel Haas, Strategic Development Intern and Communication Major – @rachel_collette