Think about the last time you were on Twitter or Facebook at work and scrambling to minimize your window so your boss wouldn’t see. Now, imagine being rewarded for using social media at work. Actually, imagine having a job that REQUIRES you to use social media 24/7. This is my job! Interns at #UMSocial are tasked with using social media to build the University of Michigan brand. We get to learn the ins and outs of various social media platforms to showcase all that this A-MAIZE-ING university has to offer.

As a rising junior double majoring in Communication Studies and International Studies, using social media properly and for a purpose is a relevant skill that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. After holding an internship last summer at Maestro, a creative agency, I discovered my passion for digital marketing. Learning every aspect unique to each social media platform continues to fascinate me. Whether using a Facebook post to create a small instantaneous focus group or creating a hash tag contest on Twitter, the marketing possibilities various social media platforms offer are endless. I hope to foster this passion through my position as a social media intern at Michigan Creative.

Although working with social media is extremely rewarding, (3,000 likes? woohoo!) creating and sharing content for the 42,716 students that attend the University of Michigan is not for the faint-hearted. With hundreds of thousands of followers on every University of Michigan social media platform, the reach is incredible. So why am I so fascinated by digital marketing and social media? It has the power to influence and make a difference. The social norms of the internet are constantly changing, but I intend to post content that will enhance the overall University of Michigan experience for students, alumni, and enthusiasts.

Through my Communication classes, I have learned the importance of constantly researching digital content and identifying trends. It is interesting to observe which content becomes popular among society and which does not. (The cold water challenge?!) Immersing yourself in numerous social media platforms is a great way to better understand the wants and needs of society. I am excited to share my passion for social media with so many dedicated and supportive followers as I continue to intern at Michigan Creative.

This post was contributed by Rachel Haas, ┬áSocial Search Intern and Communications & International Studies Major – @rachel_collette