1. Hub & Spoke, Dick Costolo, and how to do Twitter.

    On Monday afternoon I was insansely lucky enough to spend time with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, as well as super-smart staff members Omid Ashtari and Neil Shah (a U-M alum!).Read More

  2. Guest Post: #HuffPo Blogger & UM Alum @AndreaLearned on Coursera and sustainability

    With a $14 million sustainability initiative and President Coleman’s clear commitment to furthering sustainability on campus, the University of Michigan is primed to be “the leaders and the best”Read More


    Commencement is so big. Not just in size. It’s big in importance. It’s the day that we get to celebrate hard work, scholarship, and the success of our students. It’sRead More

  4. U-M announces groundbreaking free online courses

    U-M announces groundbreaking free online courses

  5. How do you celebrate real life in the digital universe?

    This weekend, Mike Wallace, famed journalist and U-M alum, passed away. His death was widely covered in the media and talked about across our campus, where he had been activeRead More

  6. Timeline Goes Live

    Timeline goes live across the U!


    NUMBER FOUR! NUMBER FOUR! Today, Mashable rated us in the top five universities for social media. I wish we could all get together and have a party. Wait… isn’t thatRead More

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