1. Protecting Your Social Privacy

        We share just about everything on the internet these days, naive about the fact that our constant over-sharing grants the world access to our deepest secrets. We checkRead More

  2. Can Social Survive?

      Using social media as a marketing tool requires being where the audience is. But choosing social platforms for higher ed can be challenging because we have so many differentRead More

  3. Visual vs. Video Blog

      Everyone loves a good story. Whether around the office water cooler or in your news feed, if a story makes you laugh or cry, it got your attention andRead More

  4. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and The Fierce Urgency of Now – #UMichChat Recap

    On January 15, U-M’s Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives coordinated the 32nd annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium: “The Fierce Urgency of Now.” Throughout the month of January,Read More

  5. Cracking Facebook’s News Feed Update

      Facebook was originally designed to bring people closer together. It was a place to stay connected with new friends and reconnect with old ones. Our News Feeds were meantRead More

  6. Meet the Newest Members of #UMSocial

      Our team is growing!   Introducing…our two newest interns and our new Social Media Manager! We’re thrilled to announce the addition of three new member of the #UMSocial team.WeRead More

  7. What’s New For Social At The U in 2018

      As we kick off a brand-new year, we are looking forward to what new and exciting tools will be introduced in 2018. Social media is constantly changing, and thereRead More

  8. A UMSocial Year in Review: 2017

        The UMSocial Top 5 :   1. Happy 200th Birthday   On August 26 U-M officially celebrated its yearlong 200th birthday! The “Happy Birthday” video was shared onRead More

  9. Social Media Influencers: New Year New Approaches

        This past year, “influencer marketing” gained a lot of traction in the social media world. It quickly became the buzzword everyone was talking about, and the new approachRead More

  10. Campus Convos: Importance of Face-to-Face Engagement

        Managing social media for a higher-ed institution means that some of the most important eyes viewing our content belong to students. A common challenge colleges and universities face—particularlyRead More

  11. Social Never Sleeps

          It is amazing what social media can accomplish in just a single moment. It is a world that thrives on interconnectedness—and somewhere, someone is always talking. SoRead More

  12. The Next American Classic: Literature, Film, and Theatre in the 21st Century – #UMichChat Recap

    As George Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel, 1984, “The best books…are those that tell you what you know already.” While Orwell may have meant this ironically, this message isRead More

  13. Breaking Down Net Neutrality

          As the holiday season kicks off, hot-deal days like Cyber Monday have seen Americans using the internet like never before. This year, Cyber Monday hit a newRead More

  14. 20 Things UMSocial is Thankful For This Year

    We all know the holiday season is are about being thankful, spreading joy, and giving. In that spirit, then, UMSocial would like to share 20 things we are thankful forRead More

  15. The Slippery Slope of Social Media: Drops In Reach Due To New Algorithms

        After its release in 2004, Facebook quickly became the most crowded place on the internet. Even today, 13 years later, there’s an amazing level of activity: every singleRead More

  16. Handing Over The Social Reins

      A daily task of higher-ed social media experts is finding new, innovative ways to create and display content. Changing things up keeps current users engaged and advances our reachRead More

  17. A Social Media Balancing Act

        Public colleges and universities, like the rest of us, are becoming more and more active across social media channels. A lackluster presence is often worse than no presenceRead More

  18. Accessibility and My U-M Experience

      I’m no stranger when it comes to social media. In my youth, I was active on MySpace, Xanga blog, and AIM. My social media presence today comprises Facebook, Pinterest,Read More

  19. 4 Part Blog Series: The Spooky Side of Social Media. #4 – Trolls.

      Have you noticed the evolution of the “tone” of discourse on the internet? It once seemed relatively positive; it’s now becoming more and more negative. “Don’t feed the trolls”Read More

  20. 4 Part Blog Series: The Spooky Side of Social Media. #3 – What You Should Really Be Afraid Of.

          It is easy to scour through our social media feeds and develop feelings of FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” while reviewing the lives of others. WhileRead More

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