1. Top 5 Posts – YouTube

    Visual storytelling was a key component of our 2015 UMSocial strategy. Investments were made to our audio/visual technology, and efforts to streamline accounts and increase the frequency of content were implemented. ByRead More

  2. Celebrating one year of #UMichChat

    On November 6, we hosted a panel of U-M alumni, students, and staff who shared inspiring stories about the power of giving, the impact of #GivingBlueday, and the guiding visionRead More

  3. September #UMichChat Recap

    This month, we had the privilege of conducting not one, but two #UMichChats. The theme for both chats was “Welcome HoMe: Resources and Advice for a new semester.” First up was anRead More

  4. New Semester, New Geofilters!

    UMSocial launched our first Snapchat Geofilter Campaign in January of this year as students were returning to campus for winter semester, and it was a huge success. To capitalize onRead More

  5. Tweet and Be Rewarded!

    Love prizes? Who doesn’t? What if winning amazing gifts from a wide variety of Ann Arbor merchants—and the University of Michigan—was just a tweet away? Starting Thursday, September 4th we’reRead More

  6. Hacked: A Case Study

      There’s no denying it: we got hacked. Here’s what we learned and what you can learn, too. On Wednesday, August 12, at approximately 3:30am, a barrage of malicious postingsRead More

  7. Activism & Racial Education: A discussion of ‘Between the World and Me’

    The objective behind #UMichChat is to stimulate meaningful dialogues around pertinent issues and highlight the expertise within the University of Michigan community. By combining our own social presence with thoseRead More

  8. Dormspiration

    We are delighted to announce our 2nd annual Dormspiration Pinterest contest! With our victors soon on their way to move-in and create their hoMe away from home, and, after theRead More

  9. Wolverines of Ann Arbor

    I have always been fascinated by how, despite the interconnectedness of humanity, two people could go their entire lives ‘not existing’ to each other, simply because they never happened toRead More

  10. July 2015 #UMichChat recap

    Each month, our #UMichChat Twitter series allows us bring thought-provoking conversations to our social audiences, and gives them the opportunity to interact with distinguished members of the Michigan community. Our JuneRead More

  11. Introducing the #UMSocial Instagram Ambassador Program.

    It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms of all time. Certainly, our @uofmichigan Instagram account is a huge component of our social mediaRead More

  12. Life As A Wolverine

    Our monthly #UMichChats provide the invaluable opportunity for our Twitter followers to connect with alumni and faculty. This month, our team wanted to focus on student life. In the comingRead More

  13. John Dingell #UMichChat

    The start of each month brings a new opportunity for our Twitter followers to engage closely with distinguished professors, athletes, thought leaders, and scholars in diverse fields. With Spring CommencementRead More

  14. Yik Yak’s Potential for Social Good

    Here at UMSocial, we spend a lot of time reading tweets, scrolling through Instagram, viewing “snaps” and navigating Facebook posts. We see the good, the bad, and the just plainRead More

  15. Violence, Crime & Social Media #UMichChat

    Violence and crime do not have an area code nor an IP address, and the prevalence of ephemeral and anonymous social applications continues to provide a breeding ground for inappropriate information.Read More

  16. Snap-a-versary: One Year on Snapchat!

    Last month, we celebrated the first anniversary of one of #UMSocial’s most successful initiatives to date- our ‘UofMichigan’ Snapchat account. At its conception in February 2014, we were just the second university onRead More

  17. Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Michigan’s Future #UMichChat

    What do Kelly Lapierre, Thomas Zurbuchen, Jeffrey Sorensen, David Merrit, and Michael Finney have in common? Not only are they passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, but they joined us lastRead More

  18. Michigan Squirrels

    Outnumbering students (only slightly) and acting as the “unofficial mascot” of the University of Michigan, squirrels have received celebrity status within the Ann Arbor and UMich community. We routinely shareRead More

  19. Geofilter Wrap-Up

    We have had our eye on Snapchat’s Geofilters since their introduction in July ’14.  The opportunity to allow our already extremely active community a way to brand their snaps uniquely to ourRead More

  20. Royster #UMichChat

    On Friday, our team geared up for our third #UMichChat. Unlike the previous Twitter chats, which featured several guests throughout the allotted time, we were fortunate enough to sit one-on-one withRead More

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