1. Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Michigan’s Future #UMichChat

    What do Kelly Lapierre, Thomas Zurbuchen, Jeffrey Sorensen, David Merrit, and Michael Finney have in common? Not only are they passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, but they joined us lastRead More

  2. Michigan Squirrels

    Outnumbering students (only slightly) and acting as the “unofficial mascot” of the University of Michigan, squirrels have received celebrity status within the Ann Arbor and UMich community. We routinely shareRead More

  3. Geofilter Wrap-Up

    We have had our eye on Snapchat’s Geofilters since their introduction in July ’14.  The opportunity to allow our already extremely active community a way to brand their snaps uniquely to ourRead More

  4. Royster #UMichChat

    On Friday, our team geared up for our third #UMichChat. Unlike the previous Twitter chats, which featured several guests throughout the allotted time, we were fortunate enough to sit one-on-one withRead More

  5. #UMSocial Finals Week Treats

    Every year, students migrate to the many libraries on campus for a week of late nights, cramming sessions and the mass production of final papers just in the nick of time. AsRead More

  6. Snapchat Geofilters

    In case you haven’t heard or noticed, in select locations and during special events, “Geofilters” have been popping up in addition to Snapchat’s original filters (e.g. colored filters, speed, weather, time).Read More

  7. Social Journalism

    After evaluating the successful engagement received during our inaugural #UMichChat, we were excited to move forward with our second installment this month. These Twitter chats work to provide our audienceRead More

  8. Michigan Dining’s Delicious New Content

    Food For Thought: Social Media & Customer Service It’s now considered normal for people to take pictures of their food. At almost every meal. Every day. So when Michigan DiningRead More

  9. Who would have thought?

    I never would have thought I would be back here doing something I love. One rarely finds the opportunity to combine both of their passions together in a singular focus—aRead More

  10. Scatterhoard

        U-M’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) has put a sword-wielding squirrel atop a unicorn as it floats through space—that’s not something you see every day.Read More

  11. Introducing #UMichChat

    It was around 11:00 am on November 7th, and we could feel the excitement build as we all circled around the conference room in the William Davidson Player Development Center,Read More

  12. Introducing President Mark Schlissel

    September was an important month for the University, not just in terms of welcoming new and returning students to campus for the fall semester, but also in officially welcoming aRead More

  13. Yik Yak

    I decided to finish writing this blog post in the quiet of the South Quad 9th floor study area when a group of loud boys disrupted everyone nearby. As IRead More

  14. Festifall & Go North! Fest Wrap-Up

    With unique clubs ranging from “The Pokemon Club” and “Michigan Ice Carving” to the more traditional “Investment Club”, there is certainly something for everyone to join at Festifall. Instead ofRead More

  15. How to Survive Festifall Go North Fest

      Student organizations are the perfect way to explore your interests and passions, make friends, build your resume, and make campus feel smaller. Especially if you’re new to campus, youRead More

  16. Download These Exclusive UMich Posters For Your Dorm!

    Download   Download Download Download Download 

  17. Get Creative with #UMDormspiration DIY

    Summer is coming to an end and students are starting to go back-to-school shopping. From futons to notebooks, there’s a lot to buy. Making your mark at your new schoolRead More

  18. Join Us on Pinterest for a #UMDormspiration Contest!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first Pinterest contest! With move-in approaching for the #Victors2018, we’re excited to help inspire them to create DIYs, and prepare forRead More

  19. #5Things – FB, Your Job Search, Crisis Comms, #OtherPeoplies & Vine

    #5Things Edition 7 Facebook: Friend or Foe? There’s been quite a bit of buzz over the past few weeks regarding the discovery that Facebook purposely manipulated the newsfeeds and emotionsRead More

  20. #5Things You Need to Know in Social Ed: 6

    ICYMI: Twitter now supports GIFs The meme of video, these repetitive clips can help any celebrity snafu, movie line or Internet moment live on for an eternity. They have becomeRead More

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