1. Campus Day Tours Get Social on North Campus

    In the past, the Campus Day tour guides would take group pictures of the incoming freshmen. Then, they would email the pics to the college’s communications & marketing team to be placedRead More

  2. #5Things: Why we can’t all be red Skittles ED4

    Let’s shake things up. A couple of months ago I used a perhaps bizarre analogy to explain brand social presences, “we can’t all be red skittles.” Let me explain. In myRead More

  3. #AskUmich on Snapchat

    Summer Orientation is here and we’ve got a lot on our hands with 175 new students in each 3-day session with each session overlapping with another 1 or 2, forRead More

  4. “Snap” to the Victors

    This “Hail to the Victors” Snapchat story shows that wherever they are, Michigan fans really do, always Go Blue

  5. My #UMsocial Adventure

    Think about the last time you were on Twitter or Facebook at work and scrambling to minimize your window so your boss wouldn’t see. Now, imagine being rewarded for usingRead More

  6. Too Much of a Good Thing? When It’s Time To Say Goodbye to Your Social Profiles

    The University of Michigan has 11 social profiles, with roughly 760K fans and followers – and these are only the accounts managed by our team at #UMsocial. Outside, there areRead More

  7. #5Things You Need to Know in Social ED:3

    What’s in your Top 5? Join the #5Things conversation on Twitter. Who do you want to be online? We live in a world of disappearing photos; apps that promise toRead More

  8. #Victors2018: Orientation Gets Social Summer is almost here, which means thousands of newly accepted Wolverines and proud parents will make the trip to Ann Arbor in order to attend orientationRead More

  9. Guest Post: When a Prank Goes Viral, U-M Engineering Fools’ 40,000 in April

    Guest Blog: On April 1, 2013 the College of Engineering quietly released a video about a breakthrough in teleportation. The YouTube video was shared as a link on our Facebook page andRead More

  10. #5Things You Need to Know in Social ED:3

      What’s in your Top 5? Join the #5Things conversation on Twitter.   But first, Let me take a “Selfie” Now that I’ve put that song in your head (#YoureWelcome),Read More

  11. Changing a Social World, One Hashtag at a Time

    “You, Class of 2014, are our collective hopes as a society. With your dreams and discoveries, you will change the world.” President Mary Sue Coleman #MGoGrad The collective theme of Saturday’sRead More

  12. #5Things You Need to Know in Social Ed:2

    Edition 2: May 2, 2014 Snapchat adds more “Chat” to it’s “Snap” Yesterday Snapchat announced it’s biggest platform redesign to date. The popular image application has evolved from disappearing 10-second imagesRead More

  13. Things We Learned at the University of Michigan

    Throughout your time as a UMich student you learn plenty of lessons in the classroom on multiple subjects to help prepare for your future. However, the University of Michigan hasRead More

  14. Commencement Spotlight: Mary Barra

    She ranked No. 1 on Fortune magazines’s list of “50 Most Powerful Women in Business,” and 35th among Forbes magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Last week, she joined theRead More

  15. What To Expect From Your Career Services Advisers

    The Chronicle of Higher Education spoke with several Career Services Advisers, including Amy Homkes-Hayes from UMich! Find out what you can expect from a career services appointment: By Julie Miller Vick andRead More

  16. Commencement Gets #Social

    What to expect from #MgoGrad

  17. What is an Honorary Degree?

    At each commencement, the University recognizes accomplished individuals from varying fields, whether it’s law, biology, performing arts, public service, or business, by awarding and presenting the scholars with honorary degrees.Read More

  18. #5 Things You Need To Know in Social

    Edition 1: April 25, 2014   Few things move at a faster pace than Social Media, in fact I remember speaking in a session one day and saying “while I’mRead More

  19. Utilizing Social Media in Your Job Search

    As commencement nears, all graduating seniors are likely thinking about the same thing: finding a job. Whether you’re thinking of moving out of state or staying close by, utilizing socialRead More

  20. Guest Post: Engaging the Next Generation

    We’re very excited to share our first guest blog post! If you or someone you know is interested in being featured on, Submit your content or ideas to

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