We all know the holiday season is are about being thankful, spreading joy, and giving. In that spirit, then, UMSocial would like to share 20 things we are thankful for that make our lives and our jobs a little easier—and of course, more enjoyable.

  1. Scheduling tools that keep us organized and on top of our plethora of daily content.
  2. Slack — our messaging channel that allows us all to communicate and share files effectively.
  3. Autoplay on videos, so we know for sure our audience is seeing our awesome content.
  4. 280 characters on Twitter, because there is always more to say.
  5. Jimmy John’s for being the only place that delivers to our office. (:
  6. Snapchat updating geofilters to be personally created and/or purchased.
  7. Post-It Notes — old school daily reminders.
  8. Our weekly brainstorming/recap meetings — our office dynamic and collaboration is nothing less than impressive. Weekly meetings help us solidify all of our ideas and cook up some great stuff. It’s usually pretty magical.
  9. Twitter introducing an “edit” button —  oh, wait….
  10. The positivity that C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital posts bring to our office and the internet. We love getting these stories to share; they are always uplifting and make us all step back and take a moment, which is nice in the fast-paced world of social.
  11. Caffeine. Really. This is very important. All kinds of it.
  12. Chargers. An excessive amount of them.
  13. Our dedicated, innovative, and talented staff. We would be lost without each other.
  14. Good senses of humor.
  15. Battery phone cases — gotta keep that charge up.
  16. Empowering leadership.
  17. Space heaters. It’s winter in our office all year round.
  18. Ruth, our brilliant editor.
  19. Our MEVO, a tiny camera that allows us to conduct Facebook Lives. The stories are always great and we are so happy to share them with our U-M community.
  20. Adobe Creative Suite, because without it everyone’s lives would be boring and less colorful.



As Always,


Be social. Stay social. #UMSocial

Post written by McKenna Whipple, Social Media Content Specialist at The University of Michigan.