Edition 1: April 25, 2014


Few things move at a faster pace than Social Media, in fact I remember speaking in a session one day and saying “while I’m standing here, a new network could be popping up” and then leaving to discover MySpace had official relaunched. To aid ourselves, and those of you intrigued by the social sphere, we’re introducing a new weekly feature: “#5Things You Need To Know in Social.” Each Friday we’ll recap the week’s hottest Social Media topics and publish them here. Join the conversation with us on Twitter using #5Things.  ~ Nikki


  1. New Twitter is Here

    Twitter’s recently unveiled new layout design officially starting rolling out this week. For those of you still awaiting its functionality here is what you have to look forward to:

  • Larger profile photos: 400 pixels by 400 pixels
  • Customizable header image: 1500 pixel by 500 pixels

    Tip: While your current header image may fit, the new scale could leave it distorted. No header photo? Now’s the time to get one!

  • Best tweets: Twitter will now enlarge your most popular tweets inside your stream of updates.
  • Pinned tweet: Similar to Facebook’s Highlight feature, you can now pin a favorite tweet to the top of your profile.
  • Filtered view: See what you want when visiting someone else’s profile, choose from tweets only, tweets plus replies, or tweets with photos or videos.
  • Grid view: No more infinite scrolling through your followers. See who you’re following and your visual content in a Pinterest-esqe display.
  1. Ding, Dong the +1 is dead

    Yesterday Vic Gundotra head of Google+ announced his departure, prompting rumors that the struggling social platforms future may be uncertain.

  1. More People Own a Mobile Device, Than a Toothbrush.

    Just let that sink in for a moment…then see this and other mind blowing social statistics in Erik Qualman’s highly anticipated 2014 update to his popular Socialnomics video.

  1. More than 1/5th of U.S. adults use Pinterest—greater than Twitter or Instagram, and a 6% jump from 1 year ago

    Additionally, consumers spend more money when converted from Pinterest than any other social referral. On average, Pinterest equates approximately $80.54 compared to Facebook’s $71.26. Read the complete Pew Research Study.

  1. What has Facebook bought this week?

    In what seems to now be a regular occurrence, Facebook has decided to sweep up yet another social rising star. “Moves” joins the likes of WhatsApp and Oculus VR in the Facebook standalone app repertoire. The popular fitness tracker boasts over 4 million downloads and is currently available on iOS and Android.