In case you haven’t heard or noticed, in select locations and during special events, “Geofilters” have been popping up in addition to Snapchat’s original filters (e.g. colored filters, speed, weather, time). Users can swipe left and right to use these special overlays when they are in the area.


Earlier this month Snapchat rolled out an exciting addition to their Geofilters- Community Geofilters. Basically, anyone can upload their own original artwork to Snapchat and then select a location on the map where your Geofilter will show up when the user swipes.

Our mission is to have our very own University of Michigan Geofilter. We have created a few that we are submitting to Snapchat, but we want to reach out to our talented students and ask you to submit your own too! There are some detailed guidelines found here but here are the basics:


01 (1)


Submit your artwork by emailing us at by January 1st, and we’ll feature them on our Snapchat Story and Twitter! We cannot guarantee that Snapchat will approve yours but we will submit all of them and cross our fingers!

Here is some inspiration that we have created to help get you started


Get creative and #StaySocial!

This post was written by Alexandra Fotis, Communications & Statistics student- #UMSocial Strategy & Analytics intern. #StaySocial with her: @sisterfotis