We asked our #UMSocial interns to give us some insight on social media from their perspectives.




Where do you see social in 5 to 10 years?

“I see it continuing to grow as a networking and marketing tool. Most companies have already realized its potential and have changed their strategies accordingly.”


Kenan Milliean

UMSocial Content Trends Intern




What are your favorite things to use social for?

“Having moved around a lot, I appreciate the ability to stay connected with people I have met over my lifetime. While there isn’t enough time in the day to get the recap of everyone’s week, social can fill this void by providing snippets of someone’s week.”


Julia Ross

UMSocial Creative Content Intern




How do you feel about the climate on social? How has it changed during your time at the university?

“I see people discussing content they saw: ‘Did you see that tweet? What about that meme?’ I didn’t see this happen until I came here; it implies that social has become a much more commonplace for entertainment.”


Peter Shultz

UMSocial Special Projects and Events Intern





How do you see social playing a role in your life after graduation?

“I’ll continue to use social to stay in touch with friends and family, update my network about my life, and stay up-to-date about current events. One way the role of social in my life will change, however, is that I’ll need to use it to curate a more professional digital footprint. Although I can keep sharing personal anecdotes, it will become important to share information relevant to my career and my industry.”


Mackenzie Francisco

UMSocial Analytics Intern