On June 10, we collaborated with Innovate Blue, the University of Michigan’s hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, for an inspiring #UMichChat. We were lucky enough to have panelists tweeting from around the world to discuss their experiences as student entrepreneurs. They included: Joseph Saginaw, an engineering student who is part of the inaugural Entrepreneurs Leadership Program and an intern at Detroit Bikes (@joesaginawUofM); Tommy Wilbur, a College of Engineering student currently participating in the CFE’s first entrepreneurship study abroad program in Singapore (@twilburUM); Laura Murphy, co-founder and chief engineer at ADAPT, LLC, chosen as one of the Wolverine Women to Watch 2016 (@lr_murph); and David Cai, a Ross School of Business student currently at Desai Accelerator whose entertainment studio startup Gaudium was named runner-up in the Michigan Business Challenge competition (@DavidCai_).

Life as both a full-time student and rising entrepreneur is no walk in the park. Our panelists discussed how and why they originally became interested in their fields and the people who helped them along the way. They also shared their time-management tips, something useful for students and entrepreneurs alike.

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Voices began pouring in from across the entrepreneurial world from the very first question. The chat eventually garnered 650 engagements and achieved a reach of 211,850 over 205 total posts, ending up with a total of 5,100,009 impressions.


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If you missed the chat, feel free to check out the full archive here on Storify. And make sure to join us for the next #UMichChat!