When I chose to come to the University of Michigan, my thoughts were focused on their well-known academics and how many games the football team was going to win that year. I was not thinking about how many new people I was going to meet or the opportunities that would present themselves. When I arrived on campus, I realized that university life was much different than I expected. There were so many different organizations and clubs and so many people that I could meet and learn from. I was amazed at everything campus had to offer. 


Even though classes were more difficult than I had ever taken before, the amount of resources to help students learn and stay on track helped me develop an effective system of balancing school work and outside activities. I was able to join clubs in a variety of different fields, such as a food club, a vehicle design team, and a sports fans organization. These different activities led to friendships and connections that I will have even after graduation.


U-M has allowed me to chase opportunities I never would have expected. I have now worked in cities such as San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Virginia Beach and I have had the chance to visit countless others through my different organizations and activities as well. There are also hundreds of other places I could visit through the magnitude of study abroad experiences and internship opportunities. Ultimately, while I could have attended a number of other universities, I would not have made the connections I have made, been given and taken the opportunities that have been presented to me. I don’t think I would’ve had the experiences I have had, if I was not at the University of Michigan.