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The University of Michigan has reached an agreement with Sprout Social for an enterprise-level social media management solution. This opens the door for more collaboration between units and encourages the development and sharing of best practices to help all of the social media efforts done on behalf of the university flourish. Sprout Social enhances the strategic management of the university’s collective social media voice.

Social leadership will use the following guidelines for assessing the feasibility of accessing a new seat/license on the university instance of Sprout Social. Account requests should come from social leadership.

To qualify for obtaining a seat in Sprout:

  • It must be an official, branded or administratively maintained account supported by a university FTE.
  • The department must meet the minimum daily number of posts for each platform as outlined by UMsocial best practice documentation.
  • Any additional requirements set at the school, college, or unit level.

To qualify for retaining a seat in Sprout, users are required to:

  • Complete University and unit onboarding training (informational videos, etc.)
  • Use the software monthly
  • Maintain connection of the social profiles to Sprout
  • Participate in an annual social “check-in” with your social lead

Requests should come from social leads.

License request process

There are six roles to choose from:

  • Social Leadership (Leadership team members of Social Communications)
  • Group Lead (Manage social profiles and content for school, college, or organization)
  • Contributor (Produce social media content)
  • Contributor Student (Students who produce social media content and includes content approvals)
  • Publisher (Individuals who plan/schedule social communications)
  • Analyst (Individuals assisting with reporting/analytics)

Sprout Social – General Overview

Sprout Social – Engagement

Sprout Social – Publishing

If you have questions that are not answered in the informational videos, the Sprout Social Help Center offers a wide range of information and resources as well.

Visit the Sprout Social Help Center


If you are requesting Sprout Social access, use this form to submit the request with all of the information that is outlined as required in the “description” section of the Request Info form.

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