U-M Social Media Account Request


Updated December 2023

The University of Michigan continues to recommend a university-wide freeze on creating new U-M department, program, office, etc. social media accounts. This recommendation intends to mitigate institutional risk associated with the creation of presences that do not meet standards set forth in official U-M social media implementation guidelines and best practices. It can be difficult to best represent the brand with too many accounts and following the UMSocial policies and best practices will be integral to a successful approach.

Social media channels require a thorough strategy as these platforms are immensely valuable vehicles that connect with diverse audiences and are representative of, and often the virtual front door to, the institution. The emergence of new platforms, operational changes to existing platforms, monitoring campus and societal concerns, platform/channel confidence, privacy and security issues, and accessibility approaches merit a considerate approach to the overarching strategy for the university.

It is imperative that every account affiliated with the University of Michigan represents the brand appropriately, serve as a resource for communities, actively engage with audiences, ensure inclusive representation and accessible content, monitor for any concerning conversations, advance posts that require review, and be an open door for the university community as well as a strategic first line of defense.

The University of Michigan accounts have established followers and would be excited to collaborate with you to develop content that elevates your school, college, or unit’s initiatives, messages, and events to our audiences. U-M is recognized as a leader in higher education social media for our strategic approach and best practices, and your continued collaboration enables this and is greatly appreciated.

Social Media Account Request

To explore creating a U-M social media account, fill out the form for review:

Any account that is approved must adhere to the U-M Social account policies and guidelines.

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