Social media platforms may be new, but the strategic implementation of successful communications is not.

Ask yourself?

What does my school, program or organization hope to accomplish through social media?

Outline your goals in order to properly track the return of your investment. Ensure you are properly seizing the available opportunity to elevate the perception of our programs, and success of the University as a whole.

Where is my target demographic?

Concentrate your efforts on one platform before expanding your presence. Take the time to engage, educate and inform. Social media is about transparency and customer service.

Do I have the content to sustain a presence, or am I an initiative that would benefit more from a hashtag and collaborative promotion on central accounts?

Successful UMich accounts update Facebook once to twice each day, Twitter 5-10 times. Programs that are unable to meet content requirements always have access to central accounts for leverage. We’re here to help.


  • Accessibility


  • Personal & Professional Tips

    Personal & Professional Tips

  • Crowdfunding




  • Branding


    Incomplete social profiles are a misrepresentation of your organization and the University of Michigan brand. Check the following lists to make sure your accounts are on track:

    • Is your logo consistent with the Block M brand standards and style guidelines outlined at
    • Does your Twitter account have a profile image, header photo, background and biography?
    • Are the images on your Facebook page accurately sized according to proper dimensions?
    • Does your biography or about section properly reflect your coordinating website, program name and mission?

    Maintaining a personal account?

    • Make sure your biography clearly states that your content is yours alone and not a direct reflection of the University’s views.
    • Refrain from including the University’s name or your associated program area in your title or username.
    • Remember that replies to inquiries directed at official accounts, should only come from coordinating official accounts.
  • Community Guidelines

    Community Guidelines


  • Monitoring


  • Engagement Protocol

    Engagement Protocol

  • Reporting Best Practices

    Reporting Best Practices

  • Hashtags


    Not your average number sign, there is a rhyme and a reason to a great hashtag. Hashtags

    • Make it memorable
    • Keep it short and sweet
    • Do your research
    • Don’t over complicate it

    Below are our most popular, and standardized, hashtags. Use them to keep the conversation trending! Have a hashtag you use often and would like added to the list? Send it to us:

    #UMichLaw #Victors2018 #UMichStudyBreak #RossTalks #MGoIndia
    #UMAlumni #Victors2019 #ActiveU #RossGrad #MGoBrazil
    #UMAlumJobs #LSAVictors #MGlobalTailgate #RossImpact #MGoEthiopia
    #UMichArts #VictorsforMichigan #ThankYouMarySue #UMichGradSchool #MGoPositive
     #UMichEngin #UMichVictors  #ExpectRespect  #WelcometoRackham #InnovateBlue
     #PolicyTalks #FordSchool #LeadersAndBest #UMich200 #UMDigitalEd
    #UMichEEB  #UMDetroit  #GoBlueMed  #PlanetBlue
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  • Facebook


  • Facebook Video Covers 101

    Facebook Video Covers 101

  • LinkedIn | Showcase Page

    LinkedIn | Showcase Page

  • YouTube


    Embedding YouTube Videos

    YouTube Best Practices

  • Implementation Standards

    Implementation Standards



  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing