“Social media is a tool, not a solution.”

Like most other forms of communication, social media is most effective when it is rooted in strategy and collaboration. The platform on which a brand or organization communicates, or the form in which that communication takes place, does not negate the need to have associated goals, thoughtful design, and clear expectations for performance, accountability, and value added. This page contains the governing strategy, best practice guidelines, tools, and resources that have enabled the University of Michigan to become a global pillar of excellence in social communications.

Each social media platform contains its own unique functions, formats, and communities. The success of dynamic content can be quickly be derailed if it is not done with the end delivery vehicle in mind. Learn about content best practices, accessibility approaches, and conversation monitoring techniques from these platform guides. Contact the UMSocial team with any questions.






Long gone are the days of accounts for everyone for any reason, run by an intern. Social media profiles are public-facing communications platforms operated by full-time professional communicators that adhere to strategy and best practices to maximize effectiveness. Social media is the first place people connect, celebrate, and complain. It is also our first line of defense.

U-M Social Media Account Implementation Policy

Engagement Protocol

Community Guidelines

Style Guide

The only thing that stays the same in social media is that it’s always changing. Building tools and resources for university communicators helps maintain consistency and educates users on new features. 

Thematic Content Calendar

Storyboard Template

University of Michigan Brand Guidelines

Ensuring that our content is accessible to all our stakeholders isn’t just important, it’s required. University policy requires ADA compliance and we adhere to a variety of platform-specific accessibility standards in order to proactively accommodate all demographics.

This social media accessibility best practices document was created in collaboration with experts in digital and online accessibility across the university.

Social Media Accessibility Best Practices