1. I Wish to Say

        The “I Wish to Say” project is an effort to activate democracy through art. Since 2004 Sheryl Oring, and a group of typists, have set up portable officesRead More

  2. Conversations for Change: Listening and Learning

      Ryan Perry, U-M junior, and Jumanah Saadeh, U-M graduate student, discuss what intersectionality means to them and incorporating intersectionality into advocacy work.     Interview conducted by Keara KottenRead More

  3. Student Perspectives: Back on Campus

        Coming back to campus has been strange. The U-M community is “logging in” from all across the world this semester. While some students chose to return to AnnRead More

  4. Conversations for Change: I’m Rooting For You

      Interview conducted by Keara Kotten #UMSocial Intern and University of Michigan Class of 2022   Q: Hello, my name is Keara Kotten, and I have Jessica Gardiner here withRead More

  5. Welcome HoMe: U-M Students on the Public Health-Informed Fall Semester

        As students prepared to return to classes in a new way, they voiced expectations, concerns, and hopes for a public health-informed fall 2020 semester. Using guidance from theRead More

  6. Conversations for Change: Bridging the Advocacy Gap

      University of Michigan senior student Josiah Walker shares his experiences being a student advocate bridging the gap between informal spaces on spaces and formal advocacy spaces. He also discussesRead More

  7. Welcome HoMe: Prioritizing Mental Health and Support Networks

        University of Michigan senior Chase Camp explores addressing and promoting mental health on campus and within the community, and highlights the work of the Wolverine Support Network (WSN)Read More

  8. Welcome HoMe: Resident Advisor Edition

      Resident advisors Cam Turner and Ryan Victor Joseph describe life in the dorms, the first-year experience, and how they plan on embracing a hybrid semester.   Interview conducted byRead More

  9. Welcome HoMe: Mixed Emotions and Unprecedented Times

      University of Michigan senior Shreya Patil describes how she has adapted as president of a student organization, a virtual Festifall, and her excitement to be back in Ann Arbor.Read More

  10. Welcome HoMe: Masking Up Michigan

        Vaishnavi Krishnan and Divya Ramamoorthy, co-founders of Masks of Michigan, describe the mission behind their influential initiative to encourage mask-wearing on campus.   Interview conducted by Keara KottenRead More

  11. Welcome HoMe: Discussing Student Expectations for Fall

      Michigan sophomore Alana Milow discusses her ideal fall semester, COVID apprehension, and how she wants to help build a Wolverine culture of care.   Interview conducted by Grant FlotoRead More

  12. Conversations for Change: Finding Home

      Michigan junior Shannon Li shares her experience as a queer woman of color and the challenges and opportunities that come with expressing her identity. She encourages others to share theirRead More

  13. Conversations for Change: Fighting For Your Identities

        U-M senior and Speaker of the Black Student Union Thomas Vance emphasizes the importance of intersectionality and the difference between true allyship and performative allyship.    Interview conductedRead More

  14. Conversations for Change: U-M Student Perspectives

      On Friday, June 5, UMSocial brought together U-M students, faculty, and staff to show support and solidarity for the Black community through a Constructive Conversation for Societal Change. ThisRead More

  15. Conversations for Change: Using My Voice

      U-M senior, Quynh Tran, discusses her experiences as a minority student and ally on campus and actions for creating positive change for people of color.   Interview conducted byRead More

  16. Conversations for Change: Examining Racial Disparities Online

      In a world already gripped by digital connectivity, the COVID-19 pandemic’s stay-at-home orders, school and office closures, and ban on social gatherings somehow elevated the prominence of screens inRead More

  17. Conversations for Change: Our Stories Are All Valuable

      Michigan senior Jamilah Willis examines social inequities, privilege, and the constant fight for justice.   Interview conducted by Keara Kotten #UMSocial Intern and University Of Michigan Class of 2022Read More

  18. Conversations for Change: Staying True to Yourself

      U-M Central Student Government Vice President Saveri Nandigama shares her perspective regarding campus climate, progressive action plans, and her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.    Interview conducted byRead More

  19. Conversations for Change: We’re On The Same Team

      Michigan senior and baseball player Isaiah Paige discusses his experiences as a Black student-athlete, where he hopes to see change, and how his inspirational TikTok gained so much traction.Read More

  20. Behind the Scenes of the #Victors2020 Project

      Grant Floto is a graduating senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Grant has worked as aRead More

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