1. Welcoming Wolverines: 2023 Style

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Ann Arbor!     Welcoming students back to campus is one of the most thrilling moments of each year for UMSocial. WithRead More

  2. Women’s History Month 2023

    In celebration of Women’s History Month, the University of Michigan Instagram account is featuring students, faculty, staff, and leaders from across the institution to demonstrate their impact, share their narratives,Read More

  3. 2022 in Review: Enhancing engagement, elevating experiences, and expanding impact

          TOP SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS OF THE YEAR 2022 brought big wins, bold challenges, and a breadth of new opportunities for engagement. From celebrating student achievements to welcomingRead More

  4. Increasing Inclusivity in Content

        The University of Michigan is committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome on campus. Contributing to that vibrant climate of inclusiveness and belonging, UMSocial and Public Engagement &Read More

  5. 2022 in Review: UMSocial Intern Experience

        By Yaqub Ahmedfiqi   As 2022 draws to a close, it provides us with a unique opportunity to look back and reflect on the past year. While theRead More

  6. 2022 in Review: Constructing and Continuing Collaborations

        Partnerships are essential for UMSocial and Public Engagement to achieve success while amplifying a diverse array of informational, insightful, and impactful information. In 2022, there have been countlessRead More

  7. 2022 in Review: @UMichStudents Accounts

      The @UMichStudents Twitter and Instagram accounts provide a unique strategy and chance to focus on engaging students in peer-to-peer conversations while also highlighting scholarship, advocacy, events, community engagement projects,Read More

  8. 2022 in Review: Stakeholder Relationships

      UMSocial partners with the School of Education, School of Information, and School of Social Work through a joint Social Media Content Specialist position. 2022 was the first full yearRead More

  9. 2022 in Review: Top UMSocial Posts of the Year

      2022 brought big wins, bold challenges, and a breadth of new opportunities for engagement. From celebrating student achievements to welcoming a new president, the year was filled with manyRead More

  10. 2022 in Review: Visualizing Through Vertical Video

      While the vast majority of the demographic currently consuming the content wasn’t even born in 1993, the call to ‘Get Vertical’ was made popular by Mountain Dew long beforeRead More

  11. Conversations for Change: I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am LGBTQ+.

      Being queer and a person of color living in the United States has never been the easiest lived experience. From racism to homophobia to discrimination against my Spanish motherRead More

  12. Conversations for Change: Pride at HoMe

      “Pride” has never been a word or idea that I embodied.  I was always a timid, low-flying guy that felt uncomfortable and ashamed of who he was.  I wasRead More

  13. Why Michigan? Creating Stories at hoMe

      There are a variety of reasons why I chose to come here.  I wanted to come to Michigan because I connected with the people here.  I had never metRead More

  14. Why Michigan? Opportunities at hoMe and beyond

      When I chose to come to the University of Michigan, my thoughts were focused on their well-known academics and how many games the football team was going to winRead More

  15. Why Michigan? Creating hoMe within Student Organizations

      Leaving high school and determining my next step was one of the most consequential times of someone’s life. When I was sitting in my school’s college lab, I canRead More

  16. Why Michigan? When I knew U-M was hoMe

      I first heard about the University of Michigan via my mom’s coworker who is an alum of the university. He stopped me at a dinner party my mom hostedRead More

  17. 2021: Strategic Stakeholder Relationships

        Working closely with stakeholders has tremendous benefits to UMSocial and Public Engagement to ensure that a wide array of information is shared from a variety of areas withinRead More

  18. UMSocial 2021: A Year in Review

        The year 2021 brought new challenges and delightful surprises for UMSocial and Public Engagement. Our team grew and evolved, as did the needs of our communities, both inRead More

  19. Lessons in Leadership: Re-Establishing Trust Through Transparency

      Throughout the course of the pandemic, with staff, faculty, and students working and learning remotely, the demand for information, resources and reassurance reached unprecedented levels. The scrutiny by aRead More

  20. 2021: Student Accounts

        The @UMichStudents Twitter and Instagram accounts continue to be valuable assets to the overall social media strategy at UMSocial. These accounts focus on ‘takeovers,’ providing students and studentRead More

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