UMSocial partners with the School of Education, School of Information, and School of Social Work through a joint Social Media Content Specialist position. 2022 was the first full year for this position, which has seen an increase in projects elevating research and news from stakeholder schools. 


This year, UMSocial worked on various consequential  projects with stakeholder schools—from partnering on videos that promote equitable learning opportunities for students, to discussing innovative research with faculty on Michigan Minds, the University of Michigan podcast. The main U-M social media channels showcased top innovations, news, and research from stakeholder schools to broaden the reach of their important work, resulting in high engagement and ultimately informing more people about the impact these schools make. 


Here are some of the highlights of the successful strategies and promotions from this shared role in 2022: 



This year, the U-M School of Education’s social media communications showcased stories of students and faculty as education practitioners, policymakers, and researchers working toward a civically engaged society. Implementing a more modern style to the school’s graphics communications using University of Michigan branding guidelines drove engagement and audience growth on all three social media platforms.


On Instagram, the U-M SOE showcased the school’s community events and stories, increasing engagement by 21.8% and followers by 32.6%. Student and faculty awards, news, and research, along with many U-M SOE community events, were featured on the school’s Facebook and Twitter. U-M SOE’s Facebook saw an increase in engagement by 300.3% and an increase in followers by 4.9%. On Twitter, the school’s engagement increased by 49.9%, and followers increased by 5.7%. 


These were some of the significant social media projects from the School of Education this year:


Michigan Education Magazine

This year, the School of Education published two issues of Michigan Education Magazine, to highlight how the school community is using their understanding of teaching and learning at all levels—pre-K through higher education—to make meaningful, lasting improvements in the world. From stories about how students at The School at Marygrove are using robotics in class, to showcasing the M-ARC program—U-M SOE’s solution to the Michigan teacher shortage—the school’s social media audience kept informed with content from Michigan Education Magazine. 


Enhanced Social Media Graphics

To stay up to date with trends in design, the School of Education recently updated their graphic communications to modernize the look and feel of their brand presence. The new identity employs a contemporary version of  the established University of Michigan brand identity  to emphasize the school’s forward-focused vision. In April 2022, the new graphics appeared on their social media channels—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—where all platforms saw an increase in engagement from there on. 


New Faculty Profiles and Welcome  

This fall, the School of Education welcomed five new faculty members. Each faculty member was introduced to the SOE community through the school’s social media channels; the audience was excited about the new dynamic additions and quick to connect with the new faculty members and offer support and resources. 


Partnering with dije Office 

The School of Education is a leader in the campuswide initiative promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity. This summer, the U-M SOE diversity, inclusion, justice and equity (dije) Office worked with the Marketing and Communications team to implement dije communications on the school’s social media platforms. Elevating news and events from the dije office on SOE’s social media advances the dije agenda by informing the school’s community about dije research, public scholarship, community-building, and the preparation of education practitioners and policymakers. 


School of Education Top Posts of 2022

Twitter: Deborah Rivas-Drake Appointed Stephanie Johnson Rowley Collegiate Professor of Education

Facebook: Martha K. Epperson Dissertation Defense

Instagram: Jack Harbaugh joins Greg Dooley’s EDUC 240 Class



The U-M School of Information’s social media communications further the school’s mission of creating and sharing knowledge so that people can use information, with technology, to build a better world. This past year across all

four of UMSI’s social media accounts, audience growth, impressions, and

engagements increased. These analytics demonstrate how the UMSI’s social media channels are advancing the school-wide mission and goal of sharing knowledge and using technology for innovation. UMSI’s social media communications include promoting school and university-wide events, awards, and achievements, and innovations and research. 


This year on Instagram, UMSI focused on utilizing Instagram Reels, which may beone of the reasons the school’s account increased 19.4% in followers, 9.5% in engagements, and 50.6% in impressions. On Facebook, impressions increased by 40.9%, engagement increased by 33.1%, and followers increased by 5.7%. The school’s Twitter account saw audience growth of 8.6%, an increase in engagements by 19.7%, and in impressions by 15.2%. For UMSI’s second full year of leveraging LinkedIn, the school’s account saw audience growth of 23.3%. 


The School of Information had several large social media and public engagement projects this year:


Faces of UMSI and Alumni Snapshots

UMSI students and alumni are highlighted on the school’s social media platforms through Faces of UMSI and Alumni Snapshots. On LinkedIn, these two types of posts have connected students, faculty, and alumni working in the information industry, and encourage positive communication and career development. Faces of UMSI shares the narratives of current students, both undergraduate and graduate, who discuss how UMSI is helping advance their studies, what student groups or extracurriculars they take part in, and advice for future students. Alumni Snapshots provide an opportunity for students currently enrolled at UMSI to listen to the experiences and advice from UMSI alumni currently working in the field of information.


UMSI Graduate Guarantee

The U-M School of Information recently announced the UMSI Graduate Guarantee, which offers free tuition in two programs for full-time students who were awarded the U-M Go Blue Guarantee grant as undergraduates. UMSI was U-M’s first school or college to offer free graduate tuition to Go Blue Guarantee grant recipients; to announce the news, UMSocial produced a video that was published on the University of Michigan’s Twitter and Linkedin, and UMSI’s Facebook. The strategy of promoting the announcement with a video was designed to enable  a clearer explanation of the grant, including information on eligibility, how to apply,  and what makes the program unique. The video featured UMSI Interim Dean Elizabeth Yakel and Executive Director of Academic and Student Affairs Laura Elgas. 


Social Media Responsibility Michigan Minds Special Series 

As social media platforms and trends are changing daily, digital communication and social media experts from UMSI and the school’s Center for Social Media Responsibility joined Michigan Minds to discuss various topics relating to the safe usage of online spaces. The Michigan Minds Social Responsibility Special Series featured four faculty members and one doctoral student from UMSI, with discussions including defining characteristics of a cyberbully, how people use social media during a crisis, and  digital wellness for parents and children. One of the series’ most popular episodes was The Outcry Over Elon, where UMSI Professor Cliff Lampe talked to U-M Director of Social Media and Public Engagement Nikki Sunstrum about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, post-pandemic social media usage and behavior, and the importance of digital literacy and education.


School of Information Top Posts of 2022

Facebook: Lionel Robert Appointed Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs

Twitter: Satirist Akash Banerjee Presents at Social Media Conference

Instagram: UMSI Students Work With Literati Bookstore to Redesign Web Presence

LinkedIn: First Look At The New Leinweber Computer Science and Information (CSI) Building



Advancing the social work profession’s vision and values, the U-M School of Social Work seeks to develop a more equitable, caring, and socially just society. The school uses Facebook and Twitter, their social media channels, to interact with and inform their community about faculty and student research, and U-M SSW news and events.


Throughout 2022, the School of Social Work saw growth in engagement and followers in both their Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Twitter, U-M SSW’s engagement increased by 30.7% and audience increased by 7.4%. The school’s Facebook account increased engagement by 12.2% and followers increased by 7.8%.


ONGOING Magazine

The Summer 2022 issue of ONGOING Magazine introduced new dean Beth Angell, provided an inside look at a day in the life of field educators, shared the way finance relates to social work practice, and highlighted student stories and activities. The school shared ONGOING articles from this issue with their social media audience, furthering their understanding of the various fields and types of research social work advances. 


Meet Our Online Faculty

The School of Social Work offers full-time and part-time online Master of Social Work (MSW) degree programs. The online MSW allows balance for studies, work, family, and other commitments, and is taught by the same professors who teach in-person courses at SSW. The school introduced their faculty to their audience (which includes prospective students) through videos on their social media channels. Each video featured an SSW faculty member who talked about their experience at U-M SSW or in the field of social work, provided career or academic advice, or answered more reflective questions. 


U-M School of Social Work Pathways 

The School of Social Work’s specialized pathways focus on theories and interventions related to practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and society. To better communicate details of these specialized pathways to the school’s social media audience, videos were produced which highlight alumni who completed one of the the eight pathways. Sharing their experiences and knowledge, the MSW alumni explained how the pathways they chose served to broaden and deepen their foundational knowledge, and enhance specialized skills needed for interventions.


School of Social Work Top Posts of 2022

Twitter: Gov. Whitmer has signs SB 1012

Twitter: U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Graduate School

Facebook: Congratulations MSW Graduates!