After acquiring the platform in October 2022, Elon Musk implemented numerous changes, including the rebranding of Twitter to X in July 2023. UMSocial navigated those changes as they came throughout the year and continued to maintain a daily presence with multiple pieces of strategically crafted content. Within this daily approach, a wide variety of posts surrounding news and research, expert insights, and university success helped make U-M’s account well-rounded in catering to a diverse and engaged audience. Over the course of the year, U-M’s X account earned nearly 18,000,000 impressions via over 1,800 posts.


Campus Enrollment

Illustration showing enrollment numbers


Victors 2027

An animation of an envelop opening to a video of a family



A student throwing her grad cap in the air


A2 Autumn

Trees changing colors in the fall


1,000 Wins

Image of Michigan Football celebrating 1,000 wins


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