You wouldn’t leave home without pants would you?


Incomplete social profiles are a misrepresentation of your organization and the University of Michigan brand. Check the following lists to make sure your accounts are on track:

  • Is your logo consistent with the Block M brand standards and style guidelines  outlined at 
  • Does your Twitter account have a profile image, header photo, background and biography?
  • Are the images on your Facebook page accurately sized according to proper dimensions?
  • Does your biography or about section properly reflect your coordinating website, program name and mission?

Maintaining a personal account?

  • Make sure your biography clearly states that your content is yours alone and not a direct reflection of the University’s views.
  • Refrain from including the University’s name or your associated program area in your title or username.
  • Remember that replies to inquiries directed at official accounts, should only come from coordinating official accounts.