February 2017 Recap

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less activity on campus—or at #UMSocial. Follow along for the… Read more


A Conversation About Digital Dating Abuse #UMichChat Recap

On February 16, in collaboration with Michigan Medicine and the U-M Adolescent Health Initiative, UMSocial facilitated a Facebook Live #UMichChat Panel that addressed the topic… Read more


UMSocial meets Spectacles

This past September,  Snap Inc. released Spectacles, camera-equipped sunglasses that allow users to shoot first-person videos that can be wirelessly uploaded to and shared via… Read more


Hunger, Hope, and Healing #UMichChat Recap

It’s estimated that more than 30 million Americans will develop an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Disordered eating behaviors are increasingly common… Read more


Houston, we have a Wolverine!

Like many self-professed nerds, I follow @NASA on social media. However, most self-professed nerds cannot claim to be a social media intern for their university.… Read more


January 2017 Recap

January 2017 @UMSocial  The first month of 2017 was full of action as students returned to campus to… Read more

Monthly Review

U-M Discusses Action-Based Research to Fight Poverty: #UMichChat Recap

Poverty Solutions: U-M Discusses Action Based Research to Fight Poverty In January 2017, U-M announced new investments in the Poverty Solutions initiative, a series of… Read more


Taking Abbee’s Armee Live

What happens in an operating room is a mystery to most people—even to those who’ve had surgery.  Patients are generally sedated, and parents and family… Read more


December 2016 #UMichChat recap

Are we consumers of fact or fiction? How do sensationalized headlines and inaccurate stories shape our perception of current events? In an online environment full… Read more